EC Principal Letter


Dear Bedayia Family,

Al Salam Alaykom,

I would like to take the opportunity, as we are unfolding a new chapter of the Bedayia legacy, to welcome all Bedayia Family members, students, parents, teachers and administrative colleagues into the new academic year.

A new year opens the door for new beginnings and challenges. Beginnings full of hope and determination to lead our school forward. Challenges that encourage us to exert the utmost, in order to provide our students and parents with an enjoyable, effective and memorable learning experience.

An effective school is not a perfect school, but a school that seeks to improve and change continuously to the benefit of all stakeholders.

At Bedayia, the EC department is where the base for a lifelong learning passion begins. Nowadays, learning and teaching have drastically changed. Children are taught differently. It is very obvious that our job is to prepare them for a future we know nothing about. The world is becoming more connected and knowledge has become available at their fingertips. To prepare our children for this future, it’s not solely the knowledge they need, but more important the skills, to cope with a future where technology is dominant and prevailing.

As educators, we need to be up to a challenge. Shaping a balanced personality, with a solid belief in its identity, culture and heritage, while being open to change and accepting differences. 

We believe that each student is unique and needs to be treated and educated as such. Teaching has to be adaptable and versatile. Students are respected for their different abilities. We embrace their needs and celebrate their uniqueness.

At Bedayia, we take pride in the family-like atmosphere we provide our students, where they feel safe, loved and cared for. Memories are cherished forever and the memory we’d like to leave with our students, is the love and warmth they will feel with us.

Let us all put our hands together, renew our “Neiah” and ask Allah (SWT) for his blessings.



Mrs./Mahinour A.Rahman 

EC Principal

Bedayia International School


EC Standards and books



EC Standards






Grade Level


Course book


Pre-K/ KG1

All Subjects: New Jersey StatStandards.


 -Topic Based - DLM  



 -Spot Light on phonics


 -Jolly Phonics


-Science and Math:   Preissmurphy




  • English/ Math:

  • Social Studies: Virginia Standards

  • Science: NGSS



-Reading Wonders(Mc Graw Hill)

-Jolly Phonics


Math: Pearson


-Science: Preissmurphy




Gr.1 and Gr.2

English and Math:

Common Core States Standards


Social Studies: AERO standards


Science: Next Generation Science Standards


Reading Wonders


Math: My Math(Mc Graw Hill)



Science: Pearson


Social Studies: Pearson





EC Contacts



Principal Mahinour Abdel Rahman (Mrs)


Early Childhood Department (Pre-K - Gr2)

EC Reception:  0111 900 9728

School Office:  0111 044 4330 / 01100936071