ELM Contacts

ELM Contacts

ELM Contacts

Contacts of the Elementary School Department

Dear Parents,

Kindly find below important contacts of the Elementary school department.

  • Elementary Principal: Mrs. Noura Adel                              

Email: noura.adel@bedayia.com

In case of subject specific issue please contact the head of departments as follows:- 

  • English Team Coordinator(G3-G4): Mrs. Rania Mohamed


  • Support Unit Team Leader: Mrs. Esraa Omara

Email: Esraa.Omara@bedayia.com

  • Accelerated Reader Team Leader : Mrs. Soraya Mohamed

Email: soraya.abdelmoniem@bedayia.com

  • Math Coordinator (G3-G4):  Mrs. Nedaa Ateek

Email: nedaa.ateek@bedayia.com

  • Science  Coordinator (G3-G4): Mrs. Aya Awad

Email: aya.awad@bedayia.com

  • Arabic & Religion Department:  Mrs. Fatma Aly

Email: Fatima.Ali@bedayia.com

  • Quran Department: Mrs. Heba Nabil

Email: Heba.Abdelhay@bedayia.com

  • French Department: Mrs. Reham Sherif

Email:  reham.sherif@bedayia.com

  • ICT Department: Mrs: Rana Ismail

Email: rana.ismail@bedayia.com

  • Arabic Social Studies Department: Mrs. Safaa Amin

Email: Safaa.Amin@bedayia.com

  • In case of any behavior issues please contact:

Mrs.: Ms.Yasmine Hossam (Discipline Coordinator G3-G4)

Email: yasmine.hossam@bedayia.com

  • In case of psychological issues Please contact:

Mrs. Basma Kamal (School Psychologist G3 → G8 Girls &G5, G6 Boys)

Email: basma.kamal@bedayia.com

  • In case of any administrative issues please contact:

Mrs. Manar El Sayed (Principal Assistant) 

Email: manar.elsayed@bedayia.com

Phone number: 01155500188

  • For other issues please contact :

 Elementary School Office Assistant

Email: El.Office@bedayia.com

Phone number: 01000728138

  • For Elementary School LMS inquires please contact:- 

Email: ELEM.lms.inquiries@bedayia.com