School Objectives

School Objectives

School-Wide Education Objectives

School Wide Educational Objectives :

 Bedayia aims to incorporate cross-curricular objectives, which are pertinent to the learning experiences. Educators, while designing the educational environment, consider a wholesome approach targeting academic as well as character development. To achieve its mission, Bedayia will:

§    Encourage students to be dedicated and responsible

§    Cultivate a community of life-long learners in an ever changing world

§    Support the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of all students

§    Develop communicators who interact with integrity, respect, and empathy

§    Generate a sense of responsibility towards self and the global community


Bedayia’s educators are selected to become role models for our future leaders. They are characterized by their educational excellence and high moral standards. They are continuously involved in training and development to help maintain and enhance their professional experience.  In order to cultivate sound reasoning and critical thinking and to bring about the potential for every student to succeed, our educators aim to:

§    Inspire creativity and ingenuity

§    Provide hands-on activities

§    Target independent discovery

§    Relate and apply concepts to the real world

§    Support individual differences and needs

§    Incorporate many teaching styles

§    Allow for various assessment tools

     §    Embrace cultural awareness