Admission Process

Admission Process

Admission Process


Admission Process:


1. To proceed with the admission process you are kindly requested to fill the Admission Online application. Apply Now

2. This link will direct you to the Admission Online Application Through Classera, you are kindly requested check and follow the instructions included here Bedayia Online Manual Application

3. Before you fill the application, please make sure that the applicant is available*** to attend the physical admission test within two weeks of filling the application.

No places will be guaranteed in case of extended time line.

*** (For those who are abroad, kindly contact the admission office to arrange when they are back)

4. Before you fill the application, please make sure that you have the following documents scanned (PDF – JPG – PNG) Format, as you will be asked to upload it while filling the application form.


  • Copy of both parents’ I.D.


  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate.


  • A recent photo of the applicant.


  • Most recent report card from the current nursery for ( Pre-K & KG1 ) applicants only.


  • End of year report card from the current school for all grades starting KG2.


5. To activate the online application, You are kindly requested to visit the school campus in 2 days of filling the application to set the day of assessment and pay the fees.


6. Please read carefully the (Terms & Conditions) Part in the application form and download the 2 documents attached and submit them on the day of assessment as it’s a very important point to proceed in the rest admission process.

  • To download the Marital Status Endorsement, Click here.
  • To download the Student Conduct Report, Click here.


  •  In case of passing the admission exams, a second interview for the parents & the applicant will take place with the School Director/Principle to give you the final school decision.


  •  After getting the final acceptance, an email with the acceptance offer is to be sent to the parents including all required documents, payments & the deadline to submit them all.